2 Signs One Of Your Garage Door's Torsion Springs Needs Professional Attention

If you have been having problems with opening and closing your garage door, you may wonder whether the door itself is damaged or has issues staying in the tracks. However, there is a possibility that the reason why the door is not moving correctly is that one of the torsion springs is either stretched or broken. If you suspect that this may be the case, look for the following signs that your garage door's springs need to be looked at by a professional.

1.  One Side of the Door Is Lower than the Other

One sign that one of your garage door's springs has sustained some sort of damage can be found by observing the door itself. Normally, when both springs are in good condition, both sides of the door move evenly because they both have the same amount of tension.

However, if one of the springs has become stretched, cracked, or otherwise damaged, it no longer shares the same tension as the opposite spring. Because of the damage, the damaged spring will not be able to hold up its side of the door, causing that side of the door to be noticeably lower than the other.

Even if you are still able to open and close your garage door, you should have a professional take a look at the affected spring to see if it needs replacing. Because of the uneven tension, more stress will be placed on the other spring, which could cause it to stretch or break as well.

2.  Popping or Banging Noises Are Heard While the Door Is Moving

Another sign that one of the torsion springs needs repairing or replacing is when you start hearing a loud popping or banging noise while the garage door is in motion. When the spring is damaged, its rotation may be uneven, and it may jump in and out of its track.

Since the spring will move unevenly, it may pop at the damaged section. Or, if it comes out of its track, a loud popping sound may be heard as it skips the track and then goes back into it.

If you notice the signs above, at least one of your garage door's springs needs replacing. However, since the springs are under a lot of stress, do not attempt to replace it yourself without the proper equipment or know-how. Instead, contact a garage door repair service to have them replace the damaged spring for you.

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