Retractable Screens Are For Garages Too

When people commonly think about retractable screens, they most often think about a covering for a window or a patio area. However, did you know that a retractable screen is also a great addition to your garage door? Learn how this addition can benefit your home.

Sun Protection

A retractable screen can help minimize the number of UV rays that are able to penetrate within the garage area, which is especially important if you are spending long hours in the garage working on projects or repairing a vehicle. By limiting the sun rays, you help protect the items inside the garage, and you protect your skin, which is a win-win. 

Insect Safeguard

If there was a universal complaint list about garages, the fact that they seem to be a magnet for bugs would probably be somewhere atop the list. The mesh covering on these screens helps keep bugs out of the garage. As a result, you don't have to worry about fighting off bugs whenever you need to spend time in the area.  

Increased Comfort

A retractable screen can mean an increase in comfort if you spend a lot of time in the garage. Given all of the elements that the screen will work to keep out, you can sit and relax inside the area, work on your car, or even spend some time organizing some of the items you have stored away while remaining comfortable. 

Garage Door Function

An important thing to note about retractable screens is that they do not hinder the function of the garage door. So, if you want to keep the screen on all the time, you can do so and still open and close the garage door as you please. The retractable screen rests well away from the path of the door and the track so there is no interference. 

Cleaner Area

On any day when there is even a slight gust of wind, if you keep your garage door open, you will have some debris travel inside. From leaves to trash blown in from the street, this debris can settle in the corners of the garage and all over the floor and make the area look cluttered and dirty. Retractable screens work as a filter in that only the air gets to pass through and all the debris is left outside. 

If you want to experience the benefits of a garage door screen, contact a screen dealer or installer for further details.

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