3 Signs That Indicate That Your Garage Door Needs To Be Repaired By A Professional

Many people park their vehicles in their garage, so a garage door may open and close multiple times a day. Thus, if there is an issue with a garage door, it is important to have repairs made as soon as possible. While many home repairs around the house can be done by a homeowner, it is highly recommended that you contact a garage door professional when you need garage door repairs, since most garage door repairs are not easy DIY fixes. Some of the most common signs that your home's garage door is in need of repair include:

Strange Sounds

Most people become very familiar with what their garage door sounds like as it opens and closes. If you suddenly notice a distinct change in the sounds your garage door makes while in operation, don't brush them off-- odd sounds are usually a red flag of an issue that requires professional repair. When a garage door begins making a rumbling sound when opening or closing, it often means that there is something wrong with the torsion spring. Likewise, a loud grinding sound may indicate that the garage door has come off the track and is not able to move smoothly.

Failure to Open or Close

If your garage door will not open and close at all, or if it only opens or closes part way, it will need to be repaired. The first thing you need to do is determine if the garage door itself is not working properly, or if the garage door opener has failed. If the problem is the garage door opener, you will need to have it replaced. Other reasons that a garage door may not open and close like it is supposed to include problems with cables that are broken or have worn out. 

Broken Spring

While garage doors are attached to tracks, the door itself is very heavy, so very strong springs provide most of the energy needed to lift the garage door. While garage door springs are designed to be incredibly strong and durable, they do not last forever. If your garage door's spring snaps or breaks, your garage door will not be able to open or close. Do not attempt to fix a broken garage spring yourself-- it is a very dangerous task that should only be done by an experienced garage door repair technician who knows the right process to replace the spring safely. 


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