Garage Door Issues You May Have During The Summertime

Just as the weather elements can cause damage to your roof and siding, they can also do damage to your garage door. High humidity and high temperatures can have a direct impact on how the garage door system functions and result in serious, sudden problems. By being familiar with how the summer season can impact the garage door and its mechanisms, you can have a better understanding of how the problem can be resolved.

Aesthetic Issues

Humidity can result in the swelling of wooden garage doors, which can then cause the doors to crack and even rot eventually. This is especially true if the garage door is older and is exposed to moisture. Coating the garage door surface with a weather-resistant finish can help to minimize the chances that rain and sun will cause damage.

Inadequate Ventilation

If your garage overheats, you will find yourself extremely uncomfortable. The excessive heat will also cause problems for your vehicle and any other belongings that are stored inside the garage. By investing in a garage door that is insulated, you can boost the thermal efficiency, add durability, and conserve energy. This can be especially beneficial if you have a living space that is directly connected to the garage space since it will help in reducing your utility bills.

Power Outages

The occasional thunderstorm during the summer can cause problems with your garage door as well. Should a power outage occur the door is unlikely to open or close. However, if there is a power surge, the garage door system is at risk of shorting out. This could potentially lead to costly repairs or possibly even a full replacement of the garage door in serious catastrophic events. This problem can be prevented, however, by equipping your door opener with the appropriate surge protector.

Excessive Sunshine

While the bright rays of the sun may be beautiful shining down on your house, this sunlight can play some tricks on your door opener, which can then result in it detecting a blockage. In the event that the opener detects that there is something in the way that could potentially prevent the garage door from properly clogging, it just will not go down at all.

If you experience any issues that seem to warrant garage door repairs this summer or any other time of the year, get in touch with a professional garage door company as soon as possible. Visit a website like to learn more.

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