Three Luxury Upgrades To Consider For Your New Garage

Your garage can be more than just a place to store your vehicle. It can be used as a workshop, entertainment space, or storage unit. With the right amenities, you can give your garage a serious luxury upgrade no matter what you use the space for. Here are some upgrades to discuss with your garage builders before the project begins.

Epoxy Floor Coating

An epoxy floor coating provides a host of benefits. This garage feature can help protect your concrete flooring for long-lasting use, and it can also provide a convenient option for decorating the space. Epoxy coating over a painted concrete floor makes it easy to create the perfect color scheme for your garage decor theme. Best of all, the coating allows for effortless cleaning, so you can mop up messes and spills with less worry about staining. For a more traditional look, have the original concrete sealed. You'll get a glossy floor with that same classic concrete finish you want.

Glass-Panel Garage Doors

Glass-panel garage doors with window panes running from top to bottom create a luxury look for your home. They can also help your garage blend in with the rest of the house. This is ideal for garages that are also used as an entertainment or workshop space. The low-profile appearance creates the illusion of having an extra room in your home while still providing cover for your vehicles. Choose a door with frosted glass panels to help ensure privacy and security for your home. These doors come in a range of designs and color schemes, making it easy to find the perfect look for modern, traditional, and contemporary houses.

Built-In Storage

You might have already considered built-in tool storage and counter space for your garage, but you might also want to think about building a complete storage system instead. Ceiling-mounted shelves can be ideal for stashing containers of holiday decorations or camping gear, and wall-mounted racks offer a smart way to store everything from skis to baseball bats. For a more streamlined option, have your garage building service install a full line of cabinets, drawers and shelves along one or more walls. This provides plenty of extra storage for household supplies, boxes of mementos, and any other items you simply don't have room for in the home. If you do choose to use your garage as a storage unit, work with your garage builders to choose a secure main door and pedestrian door to help protect your valuables. Solid wood options may be a better bet than those with lots of windows as described above.

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