Preparation Tips For Garage Door Installation

If you are looking forward to a new garage door, you will likely be torn between DIY or professional installation. Your best bet will be an expert installation by a professional who can help you choose a stylish garage door that suits your needs.

Modern garage doors are not only appealing but also efficient and quiet, and it will be exciting to have one fitted in your home. To make the installation process safe and simple, you can take the steps below:

Clear Out the Garage

The garage door installation team will work better if they can get their vehicles and equipment near your garage. Remove any cars in the garage and leave room for the company vehicle to back close to your garage opening. The installer should get around their truck to remove equipment without running into your cars. You can arrange for parking at a nearby parking lot or with a neighbor beforehand. 

If you use your garage as a workshop or storage space, you can move items to the rear of the garage. In addition, clear all materials on both sides of the door, and remove high-value items from the garage to prevent damage.

Keep Children and Pets Away

Children are naturally curious, especially if they see ladders and other installation equipment. However, the work area is not safe for children since there are heavy tools and power equipment used during garage door installation. Ensure that no people are interrupting the installation team as they work. 

You should also keep your pets away because they can easily get hurt or chew on dangerous materials. Sometimes installers have to suspend work because pets are roaming around the work area unattended. It is advisable to be present when the installer is working to secure your garage. 

Identify the Location for Wall Consoles and Opener

If you want a keyless entry for your garage door, you should identify a place to install the keyless entry pad. It is commonly fitted next to the door that leads into the home, but you can choose an alternative location. The part of the wall that you select will need to be cleared for the installation expert to effectively perform their job.

If you are getting your first automatic garage door, you also need to determine the opener's location. The ideal location should be close to a power outlet, although you can choose an area that can be easily reached by an extension cord. Remove any material that obstructs access to the outlet, and ensure there is power for the installer to test the opener. 

Contact a local garage door service to learn more about the installation process.

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