Is It Time to Install a New Garage Door Opener? 3 Signs to Watch Out For

At some point, your residential garage door openers will reach the end of their lifespan. They may also develop severe malfunctions over time because they are regularly used. The openers will become less dependable and ineffective as they near the end of their lifespan or when they develop issues. Upgrading your severely damaged garage door opener is a wise option you need to consider as a homeowner. Your newly installed opener will enhance convenience, safety, and efficiency in your home. However, you need to hire an experienced garage door contractor to help you select and install the most appropriate opener for your door.

Below are signs your garage door opener is due for a replacement.

Your Garage Door Opener Is Unresponsive

Your garage door may operate inconsistently or fail to function at all if its remote batteries are dead. However, if the batteries are new and perfectly fitted, something may be wrong with the door's opener if it doesn't respond when you press the remote. An unresponsive opener is a severe safety problem that requires the immediate attention of an experienced garage door contractor. If the professional finds out that the opener is damaged beyond repair, you should have it replaced as quickly as you can to improve your door's functionality.

Your Garage Door Opener Is Outdated

If your opener is more than a decade old, it may have outdated security features. In such a situation, it's imperative to hire a garage door contractor to replace it to avoid compromising your home's safety. A modern garage door opener will be easier to operate and hard to compromise. It will also respond promptly to your commands when you press the close or open button, which will save you time.

Your Garage Door Opener Is Noisy

Your garage door opener may be wearing out if it's making loud squealing, screeching, or other annoying noises. Loose or aged chains may cause this problem. As a homeowner, do not ignore your noisy garage door opener to avoid inconveniences or further damage to your door. It's advisable to have it checked by a skilled garage door contractor as quickly as you can. If the underlying issue is irreversible, replacing the opener is the most appropriate decision.

An aged, worn-out, or damaged opener can make your home an easy target for robbers. Therefore, you should have your residential garage door openers replaced by a contractor as soon as you notice any of the problems discussed above to keep burglars at bay. When hiring a garage door contractor, it's advisable to choose a certified one to help you get the best opener for your door.

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