What's Wrong With Your Garage's Entryway Door?

If the large entryway door leading to your garage doesn't open, close, or lock properly, don't wait until later to repair it. The door allows direct access to your garage from the inside of your home. If the door doesn't perform well, it may leave your garage and home open to problems.

Learn more about garage entryway doors and how to fix your ailing door below.

What's Wrong With Your Garage's Entryway Door?

Any door that leads to the outside of the home is an entryway door, including the door inside your garage. The door in your garage connects it directly to the kitchen or another room in your home. If the entryway door in your garage experiences a problem, it can allow things and people from the outside of your home to gain access to the interior of your house. 

As with any other type of entryway door, garage entryway doors can experience problems with their hardware and frames. Hardware problems, such as loose hinges or broken locks, can keep the doors from opening and closing properly. The doors can become stuck in place, or the hinges can come loose from the wall.

If you think something's wrong with your entryway door's hardware, call a repair technician for assistance now.

How Do You Repair Your Entryway Door?

A repair technician will need to check the door's hardware first before they inspect anything else on it. The hardware may be the simplest thing to repair on the door. If the door's hinges or locks are loose or broken, a technician can repair them. If the hardware presents a security problem, a technician may go ahead and replace it. Someone may take advantage of the broken hardware to enter your home through the garage.

If the hardware isn't an issue with your door, a technician may check the door frame for issues. Heat, cold air, and other changes in the environment may cause the door to shrink or move out of place during the year. If the door moves too much, it may damage the frame. A technician may actually need to repair the frame if they find an issue with it. 

A technician may also need to replace the entryway door for you. An outdated entryway door can become a safety or security hazard over time. If the door requires a replacement, choose a replacement that comes with better hardware and security features.

Learn more about your entryway door by contacting a repair technician today.  

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